"Gosh, Steemers would went over that spot one time, you took the time and worked, and worked with it until you got it out!
-G.O., Fairfield, OH

"Thank you so much for your HELP! I know it was probably shocking on first glance. However, you must know that you made it very pleasant for my daughter and I to come home. Thank you again so much."
-M.S. Madeira, OH

"Just wanted to thank you again for my beautiful clean carpet. What a difference it makes in our home. You really do a great job!"
-D.B. Trenton, OH

"We want to thank you for the immaculate job you did. Thank You!"
-WVC, Fairfield, OH

"Thank you again for getting our place ready for us to come home to, we can't thank you enough."
-E.N., Middletown, OH

"Thank you for all the extra work you and Suzy did. I really appreciate all that you do."
A.B., Hamilton, OH

"Man, we really appreciate you around here. You guys do an awesome job."
FCOG, Fairfield, OH

                     THE THOMPSON FAMILY
Contact us: 4707 Fairfield Ave.
Fairfield, Ohio 45014
513-893-9999 or 513-939-2222
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The Thompson Family is growing! Picture to follow very soon.